WikiLaTeX: A Wiki for making LaTeX documents


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Project Goals

Technical problems, specific features, approach

WikiLaTeX combines the powerful speed and flexibility of a Wiki with the professional presentation of LaTeX.

By using a LaTeX markup inside a Wiki, you can very easily develop your documents like a database — cross-referencing your working notes with the text. It encourages a "scattered" way of working, so that you don't have to worry about the order or pages or topics until you're actually ready to print, while still giving you previews of the current page while you are working.


Unlike normal LaTeX, you can preview the part you're working on at the click of a button. The preamble is automatically applied, so you don't have to re-make the entire document just to see the effect of a small change.

Unlike using a Wiki, you can keep your markup in the text, and not worry about things like the effect of square brackets on LaTeX.

Unlike using a word processor, you can avoid most of the worry of the layout of words on the page.

Robert J Lee
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